Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally, finally--I successfully uploaded Beaver Creek's new website yesterday. The Old Christmas performance of Jan. 6 of this year is there, but the blog will continue here. Blogs are like journals and you need to write in them often, even once a day sometimes. Blogspot sponsored by Google is a very easy way to communicate with members of a group. Especially nice is the ability to show relevant pictures, either individually or in a slideshow.

I hope you will experiment with this Blog and make your ideas and thoughts known through the Comment process. 

At the bottom of this blog you will see the words "Atom Post." If you click on that, you will receive updates of all the posts and comments on your email provider's homepage so you don't have to keep loading this blog and then find there isn't anything new there.

If you experiment with this for awhile, you'll see what I'm talking about and discover how convenient it is. Of course, I'm assuming you are not acquainted with blogging when perhaps you can blog rings around me. I hope you will enjoy this blog, so my efforts are not in vain.

The url for our new website is Mimi 

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