Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Art OF STORY IV Mimi Rockwell & Terry Benz

Storytellers Mimi Rockwell and Terry Benz were featured at the Sept. 13 Art Of Story IV at the Library. Terry started the afternoon off explaining he liked to tell stories about heroes, courage, and "girls who smell good." He first told a story about his childhood friend, Jenny, who appeared and disappeared during his young life. He then told about another neighborhood friend, Penelope, who possessed incredible courage and eventually became "Sweet Penelope."

Mimi also told two original stories. The first was "Becoming Mimi," about how she hated her given name until she found out its meaning of "power" and "Queen." She then told about how her father won a movie camera and projector, a box of film, a portable screen that rolled up in a tube, and a Buster Keaton comedy and a Mickey Mouse cartoon during the Depression of the 1930's.

Following the storytelling, G. Lee led a discussion of the plans for Graveyard Tales which is scheduled for Sept. 26.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mimi Tells at Red Hats Lunch

Mimi Rockwell had a good time telling stories today for her Red Hat friends at their 8th anniversary luncheon. She told two stories, "Becoming Mimi" and "The Movie Camera." Then added the poem "When I'm An Old Woman, I'll Move In With My Kids."

About 50 women in purple wearing red hats made up the audience.

Mimi says, "No matter her age or whether she's eating peanut butter sandwiches or chicken salad croissants, women love eating and giggling together."