Sunday, June 12, 2011

Arts Array Program

606 State Street Gallery in downtown Bristol took part in a weekend celebration of the arts in Bristol. Ballet dancers presented a program in the afternoon. Many of the artists who have their paintings, sculptures, pottery, and jewelry on display and for sale were present throughout the day. 

Then at 6:30 Beaver Creek Storytellers presented a variety of stories by six members, Becky Vickers, Carl Jenkins, G. Lee Hearl, Sam Samuel, Mimi Rockwell, and Pat Musselman. Carl Williams served as M.C. for the very first time since joining BCS this year. 

Here's how we looked:

Becky Vickers impersonates the cat who thought she had "the advantage."

Carl Jenkins told a historical narrative of the last hanging in Mountain City, Tennessee

G. Lee Hearl accompanied himself on the auto harp as he sang two lovely songs. He later told a story about yellow and black dotted watermelons.
 Sam Samuel entertained as usual with some Chicago stories.

 Mimi Rockwell settled in to share a story about her father in recognition of Father's Day which is a week off.
Pat Musselman puts her "all" into demonstrating how Lazy Jack had to put the donkey on his back.

And last, but not least, thanks to Carl Williams for doing an excellent job as Master of Ceremonies.

That's all folks--come see us at
606 State Street Gallery on
the first Thursday of each month,
7:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 2 Performance at 606 State Street Gallery

Beaver Creek Storytellers at
606 State Street Gallery
June 2, 2011

Sam Samuel opened the program at 606 State Street Gallery with a trio of funny stories.

Becky Vickers told about villagers planning an appropriate tombstone for a recently deceased greedy man with financial power over the community.

Johnny Garland entertained with some carousal music on his harmonica and then blew some blues.

 Carl Jenkins told one of his Civil War history stories.

 Mimi Rockwell told "The Freedom Bird" from Tales To Be Told by David Holt and Bill Mooney.

Mary Grace Walrath told a Jack Tale about Jack outwitting some bad boys.

And that was our show! Join us next month.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fibbers Fiesta, May 5

     When BCS was planning for a tall tales program on May 5 at 606 State Street Gallery, we realized May 5 would be the Cinco de Mayo celebration in the Hispanic culture that is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. So wanting to honor that, BCS decided to title their program a Fibbers Fiesta.
     Becky Vickers started the program off with her tale of the purple gorilla.

     Carl Jenkins, a former high school history teacher, followed Becky with a Cherokee story in honor of the many people in the Bristol area with Cherokee heritage.

     Our guest, Rebecca Myers, who recently moved to Bristol from Arizona sang two songs about Mexico and accompanied herself on the guitar. Rebecca has an amazing voice and was very entertaining and appreciated by the audience.

     Audience favorite, G. Lee Hearl, then entertained with a funny story about Sleepy Tom, an actual character who wandered from place to place in southwest Virginia, and did some horse trading from time to time.

     After a  break, stories resumed. Let me thank the Samuels here who so graciously provide refreshments at the BCS monthly events in their lovely gallery. Pat Musselman chose a Cherokee story also about two trees entwined together to become one. It's a touching story, and Pat told it beautifully.

     Mary Grace Walrath's tall tale was about her young cousin trying to hatch coconuts thinking they would hatch into baby mules. Funny story, Mary Grace, and very entertaining.

     Becky Vickers told a second tale that sounded "tall" but was, in fact, true. She provided evidence that truth can be funnier than fiction. To conclude the evening, Sam Samuel entertained with two tales about imbibing beer. Sam is an Apprentice Teller and did an excellent job. 

     And so concluded our Fibbers Fiesta. We'll be back at 606 State Street Gallery on June 2. Come hear us!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VASA Gathering

     I spent March 16-18 in Harrisonburg, VA at the Virginia Storytelling Alliance Gathering. It was held at the Massanetta Springs Conference Center. My friend, Molly Catron, from Afton, TN went along with me and charmed everyone she met. I was delighted to see Paul Conco who is an absentee member of BCS and now lives in eastern Virginia.

     Briefly, Michael Reno Harrell of Asheville was the Featured Teller on Sat. night along with Geraldine Buckley of Maryland and Ralph Chatham of Arlington, VA. Performing at the Friday night concert was Donna Will of Eastern VA, Lynn Ruehlmann from Norfolk, and Mac and Joan Swift of Staunton.

     A keynote address was given by Michael Reno Harrell on Sat. morning, followed by a story showcase by Linda Goodman of Richmond. In the afternoon, registrants could attend both workshops by Ellouise Schoettler of Washington, D.C., and Granny Sue Holstein of Sandy Hook, West Virginia.

     Many state organizations have annual or bi-annual conferences as well as the National Storytelling Network. I've always found them a lot of fun, community building, and a source of learning about the craft of storytelling.

     Following are a few of my favorite pictures that did not get included in the group I posted on my Facebook page. To see those, click on or copy the URL in the Link at the top of this page.

Mwizenge Tembo

Geraldine Buckley and Michael Reno Harrell
Mimi and Paul Conco

Linda Goodman
Gathering Audience
Michael Reno Harrell, Geraldine Buckley, Ralph Chatham

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Program at 606 State St. Gallery

Java J Jammers, a bluegrass group, shared the stage at the BCS monthly program on March 3.

Audience members Becky Vickers, Jackie and John Summers enjoy the music and the storytellers.

Mary Grace Walrath tells a story at the BCS monthly performance.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

General Meeting Feb. 16, 2011

     On Feb. 16, we met for our first general meeting of 2011 at the Bristol Public Library. Nominations from the floor for new officers were provided, a vote was taken, and the new Director for BCS is Pat Musselman.

     Becky Vickers was elected as Treasurer and Jackie Summers as Secretary. 

     Above is Becky Vickers. Unfortunately, we have no picture of Jackie Summers in our file.

Mimi Rockwell will continue with advertising  

and Carl Jenkins will take over the job of Public Relations and Marketing

and Sam Samuel will be his Assistant

     In addition, Glen Williams and Sarah Williams will become the new webmasters for the BCS website. 
This is Glen; no picture available for Sarah.

     The rest of the meeting was devoted to setting dates and themes for upcoming programs as well as encouraging attendance at nearby workshops and preparing for advancing in their storytelling techniques.

     An interesting addition to our meeting was the visit by the library security guard who is a tall tale teller. He told us a quick tale and we all encouraged him to join our group.  

     We want to express our great appreciation and best wishes to our outgoing officers, G. Lee Hearl as Director and Joyce Moore as Secretary. You hung in with the group and kept it going in the right direction. We can't thank you enough.

          G.Lee Hearl                                                                   Joyce Moore

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monthly Stories Begin For 2011

     The BCS monthly storytelling programs began the evening of February 3 at the 606 State Street Gallery. Storytellers were Glen Williams, Mimi Rockwell, Carl Jenkins, and Becky Vickers. Guest CanJoe John read some original poetry that will soon be published, and Johnny Garland played some bluegrass tunes on his harmonica.  Some pictures follow:
Glen Williams tells a Jewish tale of a farmer outsmarting a King
CanJoe John reads some original poetry about the "HouseMouse" who symbolizes his wife who is dying of cancer.
Carl Jenkins entertains with some tales of famous people and their indirect effect on Carl's family
Mimi Rockwell shares some Spoonerisms
Johnny Garland entertains with some bluegrass tunes on his harmonica
Becky Vickers is the M.C. and also tells a tale
Sam Samuels shares some anecdotes about funny barroom comments