Wednesday, February 16, 2011

General Meeting Feb. 16, 2011

     On Feb. 16, we met for our first general meeting of 2011 at the Bristol Public Library. Nominations from the floor for new officers were provided, a vote was taken, and the new Director for BCS is Pat Musselman.

     Becky Vickers was elected as Treasurer and Jackie Summers as Secretary. 

     Above is Becky Vickers. Unfortunately, we have no picture of Jackie Summers in our file.

Mimi Rockwell will continue with advertising  

and Carl Jenkins will take over the job of Public Relations and Marketing

and Sam Samuel will be his Assistant

     In addition, Glen Williams and Sarah Williams will become the new webmasters for the BCS website. 
This is Glen; no picture available for Sarah.

     The rest of the meeting was devoted to setting dates and themes for upcoming programs as well as encouraging attendance at nearby workshops and preparing for advancing in their storytelling techniques.

     An interesting addition to our meeting was the visit by the library security guard who is a tall tale teller. He told us a quick tale and we all encouraged him to join our group.  

     We want to express our great appreciation and best wishes to our outgoing officers, G. Lee Hearl as Director and Joyce Moore as Secretary. You hung in with the group and kept it going in the right direction. We can't thank you enough.

          G.Lee Hearl                                                                   Joyce Moore

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monthly Stories Begin For 2011

     The BCS monthly storytelling programs began the evening of February 3 at the 606 State Street Gallery. Storytellers were Glen Williams, Mimi Rockwell, Carl Jenkins, and Becky Vickers. Guest CanJoe John read some original poetry that will soon be published, and Johnny Garland played some bluegrass tunes on his harmonica.  Some pictures follow:
Glen Williams tells a Jewish tale of a farmer outsmarting a King
CanJoe John reads some original poetry about the "HouseMouse" who symbolizes his wife who is dying of cancer.
Carl Jenkins entertains with some tales of famous people and their indirect effect on Carl's family
Mimi Rockwell shares some Spoonerisms
Johnny Garland entertains with some bluegrass tunes on his harmonica
Becky Vickers is the M.C. and also tells a tale
Sam Samuels shares some anecdotes about funny barroom comments