Friday, May 6, 2011

Fibbers Fiesta, May 5

     When BCS was planning for a tall tales program on May 5 at 606 State Street Gallery, we realized May 5 would be the Cinco de Mayo celebration in the Hispanic culture that is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. So wanting to honor that, BCS decided to title their program a Fibbers Fiesta.
     Becky Vickers started the program off with her tale of the purple gorilla.

     Carl Jenkins, a former high school history teacher, followed Becky with a Cherokee story in honor of the many people in the Bristol area with Cherokee heritage.

     Our guest, Rebecca Myers, who recently moved to Bristol from Arizona sang two songs about Mexico and accompanied herself on the guitar. Rebecca has an amazing voice and was very entertaining and appreciated by the audience.

     Audience favorite, G. Lee Hearl, then entertained with a funny story about Sleepy Tom, an actual character who wandered from place to place in southwest Virginia, and did some horse trading from time to time.

     After a  break, stories resumed. Let me thank the Samuels here who so graciously provide refreshments at the BCS monthly events in their lovely gallery. Pat Musselman chose a Cherokee story also about two trees entwined together to become one. It's a touching story, and Pat told it beautifully.

     Mary Grace Walrath's tall tale was about her young cousin trying to hatch coconuts thinking they would hatch into baby mules. Funny story, Mary Grace, and very entertaining.

     Becky Vickers told a second tale that sounded "tall" but was, in fact, true. She provided evidence that truth can be funnier than fiction. To conclude the evening, Sam Samuel entertained with two tales about imbibing beer. Sam is an Apprentice Teller and did an excellent job. 

     And so concluded our Fibbers Fiesta. We'll be back at 606 State Street Gallery on June 2. Come hear us!


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