Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VASA Gathering

     I spent March 16-18 in Harrisonburg, VA at the Virginia Storytelling Alliance Gathering. It was held at the Massanetta Springs Conference Center. My friend, Molly Catron, from Afton, TN went along with me and charmed everyone she met. I was delighted to see Paul Conco who is an absentee member of BCS and now lives in eastern Virginia.

     Briefly, Michael Reno Harrell of Asheville was the Featured Teller on Sat. night along with Geraldine Buckley of Maryland and Ralph Chatham of Arlington, VA. Performing at the Friday night concert was Donna Will of Eastern VA, Lynn Ruehlmann from Norfolk, and Mac and Joan Swift of Staunton.

     A keynote address was given by Michael Reno Harrell on Sat. morning, followed by a story showcase by Linda Goodman of Richmond. In the afternoon, registrants could attend both workshops by Ellouise Schoettler of Washington, D.C., and Granny Sue Holstein of Sandy Hook, West Virginia.

     Many state organizations have annual or bi-annual conferences as well as the National Storytelling Network. I've always found them a lot of fun, community building, and a source of learning about the craft of storytelling.

     Following are a few of my favorite pictures that did not get included in the group I posted on my Facebook page. To see those, click on or copy the URL in the Link at the top of this page.

Mwizenge Tembo

Geraldine Buckley and Michael Reno Harrell
Mimi and Paul Conco

Linda Goodman
Gathering Audience
Michael Reno Harrell, Geraldine Buckley, Ralph Chatham

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