Sunday, June 12, 2011

Arts Array Program

606 State Street Gallery in downtown Bristol took part in a weekend celebration of the arts in Bristol. Ballet dancers presented a program in the afternoon. Many of the artists who have their paintings, sculptures, pottery, and jewelry on display and for sale were present throughout the day. 

Then at 6:30 Beaver Creek Storytellers presented a variety of stories by six members, Becky Vickers, Carl Jenkins, G. Lee Hearl, Sam Samuel, Mimi Rockwell, and Pat Musselman. Carl Williams served as M.C. for the very first time since joining BCS this year. 

Here's how we looked:

Becky Vickers impersonates the cat who thought she had "the advantage."

Carl Jenkins told a historical narrative of the last hanging in Mountain City, Tennessee

G. Lee Hearl accompanied himself on the auto harp as he sang two lovely songs. He later told a story about yellow and black dotted watermelons.
 Sam Samuel entertained as usual with some Chicago stories.

 Mimi Rockwell settled in to share a story about her father in recognition of Father's Day which is a week off.
Pat Musselman puts her "all" into demonstrating how Lazy Jack had to put the donkey on his back.

And last, but not least, thanks to Carl Williams for doing an excellent job as Master of Ceremonies.

That's all folks--come see us at
606 State Street Gallery on
the first Thursday of each month,
7:00 p.m.

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