Friday, March 6, 2009

About Us

We are a non-profit group of storytellers founded in 1997 and located around the region of Bristol, TN and VA. This city of 50,000 people lies in both states located near the Holston Range of the Appalachian Mountains between Virginia's Blue Ridge and Tennessee's Smoky Mountains.

And yes, there is a Beaver Creek that flows through the city. It begins in Virginia and joins the Holston River in Sullivan County, Tennessee. This is the area where most of our members live or where they were born. 

Our mission is to improve and advance the Art of Story through performances, education, and public relations. Most of all we gather together to have fun!

Our founding members are Mimi and Rocky Rockwell (Mimi remains the Director), G. Lee Hearl, Pat Musselman, Joyce Moore, Wilhelmina Banks, and Isaac Freeman.

We tell monthly at Java J's Downtown, a coffee shop on State Street, the street that divides the city into two states. We also perform at some special events as scheduled through the year.

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