Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arts Array Program Feb. 5

 I did not get to tell at this storytelling program due to ice and snow that prevented me from getting up and down the hill leading to our house in the woods. However, four BCS members managed to get there and had a really good program with a most appreciative audience. Well, maybe they weren't really applauding; perhaps their hands were just shaking from the cold.

All joking aside, those present could not believe that so many people turned out for this free storytelling program sponsored by the Arts Array pBrogram of Virginia Highlands Community College. The ice and snow were not so bad as to affect those who lived on village streets and flat rural roads. But the temperatures were frigid!
BCS members who told were G. Lee Hearl, Paul Conco, Leon Overbay, and Pat Musselman.

I really hated to miss it. Sponsorship meant that the program was free to the public, but a small fee was received by the storytellers. In these economic times, the small fee was appreciated very much.

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