Sunday, November 22, 2009

Story Tellabration 2009

Pictured above from left are Glen Williams, Mimi Rockwell, David Claunch, Becky Vickers, Paul Conco, and G.Lee Hearl.

BCS had a good Tellabration last night at the community college in Abingdon. There was a small audience but they had big hearts and brought canned goods for the Second Harvest Food Pantry.

David Claunch started the stories off with a tale about his trip to Bhutan, a country near India. He told about amusing the monks with a red clown nose, then bubbles which they named "prayer bubbles" since they had a similarity, floating through the air, to their prayer flags. 

Becky Vickers went next with her story about a pet dog and cat she had when she was a child. The cat tormented the dog until Becky bought a new chain for the dog which gave him an advantage and he finally got back at the cat.

Paul Conco was the third teller and shared a lot of research he had done while writing his story about the 1918 flu pandemic. It was a sad, scary story that could happen again with the current flu epidemic.

Mimi Rockwell told the fourth story about the first client she had when she was doing an internship for her therapist degree. His actions were very mysterious and ghostly,

Glen Williams who is new to BCS and has a degree in Theatre told of his student days and ghostly happenings also. It ended with humor so we lived up to the old adage, "Always leave them laughing."

The next time we tell will be at Old Christmas on Jan. 6 after the New Year.

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