Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov. 4 Meeting

I was not able to attend the Nov. 4 meeting, so G. Lee Hearl, the Director, sent me a follow-up email:

"We had a very enjoyable meeting last night at VHCC. Pat brought a cake to celebrate my 80th birthday, belatedly and we had cake and coffee.
Glenn Williams, The Concos, Lester and his daughter, Pat Musselman, Terry Benz and Carl Jones and I attended the meeting.
We discussed starting a "trial" storytelling performance once monthly at the S.B. Paul Art Gallery in Bristol. Pat and Carl are going to pursue that further. Both had seen the facility and said it was very nice , as did Paul Conco. We expect to start telling on 2nd Thursdays in January. 
I am going to see about getting the large meeting room at the Bristol Library for the "Old Christmas" program on January 6th.
We will have the BCS Christmas Lunch at 12 noon, Friday Dec. 4th.
I will leave your telling spot open for now and, if you can't make it, me or Pat will fill in for you. 
After the meeting, we went over and looked at the VHCC room where we will be telling at Tellabration and got directions from all the parking lots to it. There is plenty of handicapped parking near the room. 
That's about all I know that happened! Sorry you couldn't be there.. Take care of Rocky and Yourself!! G. Lee Hearl"

Members in the photo are, from left: Sheila Lane, Lester Murray, G. Lee Hearl, Pat Musselman, Glenn Williams, Carl Jones, and Terry Benz. That's Diana Conco behind Carl. Paul Conco must be taking the picture.  Mimi

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