Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February and March Birthdays

Members who have birthdays in February are:
Judy Butterfly (Feb. 12)
Mary Grace Walrath (Feb. 22)

Members who have birthdays in March are:
Rocky Rockwell (March 4)
Chris Vickers (March 13)
Glen Williams (March 30)

A special observance for Rocky Rockwell's 80th birthday is a card shower. Everyone who knows Rocky is invited to send him a card on or around March 4. Optional is an added personal greeting, a memory, or an anecdote. This is a surprise for Rocky and we hope his mailbox holds at least 80 cards! We are sure he will be heart-touched and probably embarrassed. Cards should be sent to 15301 Castle Yonder Lane, Bristol, VA 24202. Please do not send an email card since his poor vision prevents him from enjoying his computer.

Please remember the other members also.    Mimi

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