Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tellabration! 2010

     A nice crowd showed up at the 606 State Street Gallery to attend BCS' 13th Tellabration! The admission was three cans of non-perishable food to be donated to some local food pantries. Pat Musselman was charming as always as she M.C.'d the program

     Carl Jenkins took the stage first and read the Tellebration! Proclamation which ends with "Let the stories begin!"

     Becky Vickers started the program off with her original story "Pecking Order." Becky has been telling for about three years now and her increased skill is showing nicely. Her stories come from her own experiences growing up in a rural-dwelling family. 

     David Claunch followed with a traditional tale that may be the original "fish tale" since it deals with a fish that grants wishes until they become too outrageous and the greedy recipient finds himself back where he started. David has a good repetoire of traditional tales since his courses at East Tennessee State University emphasized these.

David Claunch

     Pat  called Carl Jenkins back to the stage where he told several historical anecdotes that aren't found in a typical high school history book. Carl recently retired from teaching history. He is also a Civil War Re-Enactor as history of the Civil War is his passion.

Carl Jenkins

     Pat then introduced two special guests, who performed separately. A seventh-grade student with a very mature voice, Tori Bates Samuel, sang two songs acappela and with perfect pitch--quite impressive.

     The next guest, Johnny Garland, played some R&B selections on his harmonica which was a nice interlude to the storytelling. I'm sure the harmonica is the official instrument for R&B.

Johnny Garland

     After a short intermission, the storytelling resumed with Pat Musselman telling one of her Grandpa stories and the puzzling little critter who looked like a caterpillar with eight tiny hooves.

     Pat was followed by G. Lee Hearl, current Director of BCS, who accompanied himself with his guitar as he told an original rhyming story about "Hattie's Brew." He then told  tale about spending his 9th summer on his Uncle Simon's North Carolina farm. G. Lee writes all of his material and plays several instruments.

     I was excited to be the 5th storyteller and share the story about how my father won a movie camera, a projector, a portable screen, a big box of film, one roll in color, a Buster Keaton movie and a Mickey Mouse cartoon.

     Glenn Williams closed the program with an American fairytale by the author of The Wizard Of Oz about a glassmaker, a wizard, an heiress, and a pink glass dog. Quite a tale!

     And the stories came to an end--for that night. There will be no storytelling in December, but an Old Christmas program is planned for January 6, 2011. More details about that will be coming.


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