Monday, October 11, 2010

New Members

     The BCS Membership Drive took place in the Spring. There was some delay in getting all the dues paid but everything is caught up now. Paying dues means you can attend BCS functions without paying, and you are included on the business e-mailing list. 

     All 2009 members renewed except for two plus the two members who are deceased.
In addition, one performing member was added, Sandy Shortridge of Grundy, VA. One performing member moved away, Paul Conco. Three Apprentice members were added, Glenn Childers, Carl Jenkins, and Sam Samuel.
Three Supportive members were added, Mary (Kathy) McCarty, Mike Miller, and Ron Tittle with one Supportive Member moving away, Diana Conco.

     This brings BCS to a total of 28 members.

Performing Members are:
     David Claunch
     Judy Farlow
     Isaac Freeman
     G. Lee Hearl
     Carole Ann Miller
     Joyce Moore
     Lester "Toon" Murray
     Pat Musselman
     Leon Overbay
     Mimi Rockwell
     Sandy Shortridge
     Becky Vickers
     Mary Grace Walrath
     C. Glen Williams
     (Total of 14)

Apprentice Members are:
     Glenn Childers
     Carl Jenkins
     Sam Samuel

 Traditionally, BCS has asked Apprentice Members to try out their stories at one of the monthly storytelling events, have a total number of stories that would fill up a 60-minute show, provide the titles and length of those stories to the Director. The BCS Director will decide once they have completed these requirements if they are ready to become a Performing Member.

Supportive Members are:
     Wilhelmina Banks
     Alice Freeman
     James "Butch" Lane
     Sheila Lane
     Mary (Kathy) McCarty
     Mike Miller
     Ron Tittle
     Chris Vickers
     Gary Walrath     
     (Total of 9)

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