Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unexpected Changes

You can always count on change! The month of April brought changes to me, and therefore BCS, that were totally unexpected. 

First off, I got sick. Severe bronchitis, which is curable, of course. But the whole process provided a reality check, as well as obstacles, for my life, and therefore for the life of our storytelling group since I am the leader. 

Reality is that I have been the caretaker for not only BCS but also for my husband, Rocky; in the case of Rocky, for the past four years. Between the two, and two whom I dearly love, I am exhausted. Evidently, God had to pick me up by the scruff of the neck and shake some sense into my head. (S)He did that by putting me into a hospital bed, then allowing my scoliosis to hurt and handicap me like it's never done before. 

In a nutshell, I am now using a cane and supplemental oxygen when I exert myself.
Through trial and error, I am discovering "exert myself" means when I do housework, outdoor puttering, grocery shopping, and walking across a parking lot to get into a store or other building. Very unexpected changes!

All this on top of Rocky's COPD breathing problems and his struggle to regain his old strength and abilities. 

After much thought and emotional upheaval, I have decided that I must step down as Director of BCS. Members know this as of last week, and two of them have come forward to lead, in the case of G. Lee Hearl, and to assist, in the case of  Terry Benz.

G. Lee is a founding member of BCS and is no spring chicken himself. But he will bring common-sense direction, a wealth of experience, and a sense of entertainment that will help BCS continue to grow a following.

Terry is brand new to storytelling, perhaps an angel in disguise. He moved to Kingsport, TN in the past year and became attracted to oral storytelling. He has a radio background and has been writing stories for a very long time. He is retired and has plenty of time and more importantly, the desire to be of service. 

It's my hope that G. Lee will be able to use Terry as his "legs" and will do a great job. Becky Vickers has also agreed to take on the Treasurer's job, and of course, I will do whatever I can do to assist.

My day of resignation will be May 21, the day after tomorrow, and Java J's meeting that evening will be my "swan song." I was so afraid that the group would decide to disband, but now that G. Lee will take over, my fears are abated and I feel hopeful.

I'm also looking forward to continuing to have fun through storytelling! For awhile, at any rate, I will do only the things I can do spontaneously, and will not be scheduled without having a back-up available to take over if I can't make it.

I've served as Founder and Director since 1987, which is 12 years. I was hoping for another 5, but you don't put off CHANGE.  Mimi Rockwell

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